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There are many types of mortgages available from hundreds of different providers and schemes. This can make it very difficult to know which is the best mortgage for you. Our team can help you find the best mortgage based around your circumstances.  Here we explain some of the popular mortgages available in today’s market.

FIRST TIME BUYERS MORTGAGES: There are many schemes available for first time buyers with help to buy being one of the most popular schemes. If you’re a first time buyer then there is no better time to buy a home. Mortgages can start from just a 5% deposit.

RE-MORTGAGING: Re-mortgaging your home gives you many added benefits – it can release some equity already invested in your home or it can improve your current mortgage deal. If your equity in the property has increased, this will give you a larger deposit in order to potentially gain a better deal with a better interest rate.

BUY TO LET: Are you looking to buy a property to let? This could be a sound investment and is becoming more a popular. The normal minimum deposit amount for a buy to let mortgage is around 25% meaning you can easily and safely invest any excess savings into the property market. Here at Core Financial Services we will help you find the right buy to let mortgage based on you.

FIXED RATE MORTGAGES: Are where the interest rate of your mortgage is set to a certain rate in the infancy of the deal – normally 1-5 years however you can sometimes get a fixed rate for up to 10 years. The advantage of a fixed rate mortgage is you will avoid any increase in the lenders standard rates throughout this fixed rate period.

TRACKER MORTGAGES: A tracker mortgage is usually based around the Bank of England’s Base Rate. If the base rate increases so does your mortgage repayments. Like the fixed rate terms the tracker mortgage interest rate deals come normally with a 1-5 years term length – however you can arrange a full term tracker mortgage which is generally penalty free giving you flexibility if you don’t wish to be tied into your mortgage.

DISCOUNT MORTGAGES: A discount mortgage works very similar to the tracker mortgage, instead of using the base rate it uses the provider’s standard variable rate (SVR). The rates do tend to be lower than the fixed rate but as it’s not based around the base rate it’s very easy for the lender to increase the standard variable rate. Competition from other lenders can keep this figure low but there are no set guarantees.

OFFSET MORTGAGES: Offset mortgages are sometimes seen as a complex solution, however they have a way to help pay off your mortgage quicker by using your savings. In a nut shell here is how it works. You apply for a £125,000 mortgage and you have £25,000 in your saving. You will only pay interest on £100,000 of your mortgage but you will be charged each month as if you’re repaying the full £125,000. As a result you will clear the debt of your mortgage quicker and will save yourself thousands of pounds in interest repayments. With an offset mortgage you will still be offered a fixed or variable rate product as listed above.

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed

if you do not keep up the repayments on your mortgage.

Core Financial Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority member no. 471184.  Financial Conduct Authority - http://www.fca.org.uk/

Registered in England. Company Registration No: 5428054. Registered Office: Kings Lodge, London Road, West Kingsdown, Kent TN15 6AR

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